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S-3B Viking Desktop Model

S-3B Viking 1/72
S-3B Viking 1/72
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S-3B Viking 1/72

S-3B aircraft manned and operated by an aircrew of four and is tasked to provide Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-Surface Warfare (ASUW), surveillance and intelligence collection, electronic warfare, mine warfare, coordinated search and rescue and fleet support missions, including air wing tanking.

Between July 1991, all east coast S-3A aircraft were modified by a contractor field team at the Naval Air Station (NAS) Cecil Field, Florida. In March 1992, west coast S-3A aircraft were modified to the S-3B aircraft configuration and was completed in September 1994. In 1995, Communications Control Groups (CCGs) were installed in approximately 40 of the S-3B aircraft at NAS North Island. In MArch 1997, installation of the remaining CCGs began and is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2000. The S-3B aircraft is in Phase III, Production, Fielding, Deployment and Operational Support phase of the weapon System Acquisition Process. In fiscal year 1992, ten aircraft S-3B squadrons were reduced to six. In 1993, aircraft assets for deployed squadrons were increased to eight, to meet increased operational requirements caused by retirement of the A-6E from the Navy inventory. All S-3B squadrons are currently configured and manned for eight aircraft.

The Underwater Warfare Systems (USW) have been removed from the S-3B Viking aircraft providing an ideal opportunity for improved technologies to be developed in the S-3B aircraft