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Desktop Models

Commercial airline models and helicopter models are a miniature copy of the original ones which may be in use or which flew earlier. The principles of the aerodynamics are the same as the original ones. They have similar logos and symbols as the original ones. These may be made with wood, die cast, foam or fiberglass. The models range from a model ship to model helicopters and executive aircraft and come in varied sizes.

Collectors may like collecting the diecast desktop mahogany models. These are manufactured by a variety of manufacturers. They may be interested in colleting custom plaques of all types or may be specific ones that resemble the WWii models and WWi planes.

Some like collecting all the desktop models made by specific manufacturers such as Herpa, Hot Wings, and GeminiJets and so on.

The ship models are made to finest details replicating the original ones. Most are available at affordable prices. They can superbly add to the collector list and give the enthusiasts overwhelming satisfaction, from their helicopter model.

Many people display their models within a display case.  Others like to show them off on their desk and always have them in view.  Maybe you are a person who chooses to enjoy your models both ways.  We have a very wide variety of desktop models to please everyone.  You will be amazed at the variety of desktop models that we have in stock.  Choose from various ship models, model helicopters, planes and more.  Come and pick out the perfect model ship, plane or vehicle for you or a loved one today!

Desktop models range from in-stock, general aviation aircrafts (Cessna, Piper, DeHavilland Beavers), helicopters, executive aircrafts (Gulfstream, Falcon, Lear, etc.), to our over 2,400 in stock commercial airline models.  These range from Ford Tri-Motors to B-747-400’s in all airline liveries from current liveries to all past liveries and airlines. 

We have a very wide variety of modern military jets and propeller driven airplanes.  These include WWI & WWII vintage aircraft models.  We also carry ships, spacecraft, tanks and armored vehicles. You can find desktop models, model helicopters, ship models, and so much more made out of the material that you choose.  We have mahogany, resin, and die cast.  We also have many different scales and prices ranges fro which to choose.  You will be amazed when looking at a model plane, ship, and more.  The detail is nothing but excellent.

We carry plaques that are carved out of mahogany.  These consist of service plaques that are 12” diameter.  The attention to detail on the plaques is highly evident.  They will make an excellent addition to your collection.  You can be proud knowing that they are hand carved and hand painted from mahogany by our highly skilled craftsmen.

We don’t want to just sell desktop models.  We want to sell you a piece of history.  When you buy a model ship, a few metal helicopters, or one of our many desktop models, we want you to feel like you are looking at the real thing.  We want you to feel like your model ship or any model is of the highest caliber. 

Take a look!  We have many ship models, plane models, helicopter models, and so much more!  You will be instantly drawn in whether you are a first timer to the world of models or a die-hard enthusiast.  We offer the highest quality and detail models for your collecting and gifting needs.

We have outstanding products and customer service.  We stand behind the quality and immaculate detail of our models.  We know that detail appreciation is very high among those who love models.  We want you to be blown away by the model you buy.  It is an investment and something that you can be proud of.

Let us impress you with our fine models and top-notch customer service.  We take pride in each one of our products to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied.  We want you to find years of enjoyment and happiness with the models that you choose to buy.