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About Us


Rich Hayes has been into collectible models his whole life.  He started collecting classic models like trains and cars as a child.  He has mahogany aircraft model of every aircraft that he has ever flown, and loves model trains.  He has an HO scale train layout that encompasses a whole room, with more than 750 feet of track.  He has a very large appreciation for all diecast model cars, mini diecast models, tank models, and general die cast mahogany models.   


His passion for models led him to start The Hangar Models Company in 1998.  His enthusiasm for his products and desire to please his customers is the bulwark of his continued success.  You can buy from us with confidence.  You are buying from a place that has nothing but the greatest of love and respect for fine quality and realistically detailed models.  We understand what people who love models are looking for.  We understand the feeling of looking at intricate detail and beauty that can accompany the highest quality model.  We want to pass that feeling on to all model enthusiasts.  You are in good hands when buying models through us.

When someone has a real passion for something, they only want to collect and sell the best of the best.  This is what you are getting from Hangar Models Company.  Our customers would receive nothing less than what we would accept when it comes to mahogany aircraft models, a model tank, diecast car models, and general die cast models.  We are giving you the same beauty that we have appreciated for many years.



We do group orders for airlines, flying clubs, and military squadrons.  There are discounts available for group orders.  Call or email for details.  We’ve made some big models, examples:  An 8 foot long B-24 hanging in a bank lobby, a 14 ½ foot long B-727-100 Icelandic Air for a museum in Iceland, and a six foot F-15C for the 57th TFS at USAF Fighter Weapons School.

We can create models for you specifically.  You can also choose to represent how proud you are of a fine piece of machinery through our discount model cars, classic models, die cast car models, and other various die cast models. 

We want you to own a model that you will be proud of.  You want a brilliant and timeless piece that will awe you, your family, and friends.  We take what we do very seriously.  We have a great love for models and a huge desire to meet a customer’s every need.

Check out the quality motels that we have to offer.  What is your specific love when it comes to models?  Is it die cast model cars?  Do you love classic models in general?  Do you like vintage and modern die cast car models?  Is there a certain area of die cast models that we can help you with?  We have everything you are looking for and more!  If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask.  We enjoy our products and also find our customers to be the highest priority.