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P2V-5 Neptune

P2V-5 Neptune
P2V-5 Neptune
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P2V-5 Neptune
Model Description

This collectable model represents the P2V-5 Neptune, a maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft. With service deliveries beginning just after World War II, the versatile aircraft served until the late 1960s. Painstakingly built from Philippine mahogany by skilled craftsmen using a wealth of detail, this 1/72-scale model P2V-5 Neptune makes a great gift for any pilot, naval aviator, aviation enthusiast or history buff.

The P2V-5, which first flew on Dec. 29, 1950, was the most-produced version of the Neptune. The P2V-5 replaced the nose cone in earlier versions with a turret, and included an APS-20 radar and enlarged wing tip fuel tanks. The Neptune could carry up to 8,000 pounds of mines, torpedoes, bombs or depth charges, and had a range of almost 5,000 miles. The Neptune was never carrier based, but operated from land only.

Prior to the introduction of the P-3 Orionin the mid 1960's, the Neptune was the primary land-based anti-submarine patrol craft, intended to be operated as a the hunter of a '"Hunter-Killer" group, with destroyers employed as killers.

In addition to the US Navy, the P2V-5 served in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Portugal.

Value Package
P2V-5 Neptune + P-3C Orion (Low Vis)
Buy P-3C Orion (Low Vis) and get P2V-5 Neptune 1/72 at an additional 10% off our everyday low price.
Total Price: $329.90
Price for the Bundle: $313.91
This Item: P2V-5 Neptune 1/72
P-3C Orion (Low Vis)
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