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F-14A Tomcat VF-84

F-14A Tomcat VF-84 Jolly Rogers
F-14A Tomcat VF-84 Jolly Rogers
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F-14A Tomcat VF-84 Jolly Rogers
Scale: 1/48 scale model
Wing Span: 16
Length: 16
In Stock
This F-14A Tomcat in the infamous "Jolly Rogers" paint scheme is one of the most popular and sought out models of all time.  It has been said that the Tomcat is the best looking fighter the US Navy every had and at least Hollywood sure made this death machine famous in the movie "Top Gun". 
"Here, kitty- kitty,  want to play?  Not with a full load of wall to wall 4 x 4 x 2 Phoenix, AIM-7's and Aim-9's!   You can have yours for a reduced price from The HangarThis is one of our Platinum Signature Models that enhances the greatest of detail to those pilots and aircraft enthusiasts that will demand only the best!  Included is the mahogany engraved stand with plaque.  Very hard to keep in stock, so order yours today!



The F-14A TOMCAT defined air superiority launched from Navy aircraft carriers. Entering service in 1972, the F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, variable sweep wing fighter designed to attack and destroy enemy aircraft at night and in all weather conditions. With its advanced weapons control system and array of missiles, rockets and bombs the F-14A TOMCAT can simultaneously track up to 24 targets. With a maximum speed of 1,544 miles per hour, the F-14A TOMCAT has taken its place as one of the most powerful and lethal fighters in Navy history. The F-14A TOMCAT was officially retired in September of 2006.

The F-14A TOMCAT is a twin seat, twin engine interceptor. It is also capable of air-to-air, air-to-ground and reconnaissance roles.

Two Pratt & Whitney TF30 engines are mounted in the intake trunks. Primary weapon system is the AWG-9, for radar control, calculates intercept, sets priorities and monitors other subsystems. Physical firing of missiles is done by the AWG-15 computer, thus, to eliminate the chance of short circuits detonating ordinance.

Weapons carried include the AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow, AIM-54 Phoenix, M61A1 20mm vulcan cannon, Mk80 series bombs, training bombs, Mk20 cluster bombs, sea mines and Laser Guided Bombs (LGB's).

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F-14A Tomcat VF-84 Jolly Rogers +
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