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C-310 SongBird

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The Cessna 310 was the first twin engine design from Cessna to enter production after the Second World War. It first flew on January 3, 1953, with deliveries commencing in late 1954. The modern rakish lines of the 310 were coupled with innovative features such as engine exhaust thrust augmentor tubes and the storage of all fuel in tip tanks.

The 310 was a common charter aircraft for the many air taxi firms that emerged in the general aviation boom that followed World War II. Its speed, operating costs and aftermarket modifications made it favorable over its contemporaries such as the Piper Aztec. The 310 was also well-known around the world for its bush flying characteristics. It was capable of accessing short fields while carrying a large useful load of 2,000 lbs or more at high speeds for a twin engine piston aircraft.

The original design of the 310 has undergone many changes over the years. The first significant upgrade to the series was the 310C in 1959, which was fitted with more powerful engines. In 1960, the 310D featured swept back vertical tail surfaces. An extra cabin window was added with the 310F. The 310G introduced the “stabilatip” tip tanks, while the 310K replaced the rear two windows with a single unit. The 310Q had a redesigned rear cabin with a skylight window, and the final 310R was identifiable for its lengthened nose. Production ended in 1980.

In 1957, the United States Air Force (USAF) selected the Cessna 310 for service as a light utility aircraft for transport and administrative support. The military version was designated U-3, and USAF pilots often referred to it as the “Blue Canoe”.

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