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B-25B Doolittle Desktop model

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The North American B-25J Mitchell was an American twin-engined medium bomber developed by the North American Aviation. The aircraft was used with devastating effect against German and Japanese targets in every battle scenario of World War II. The B-25J Mitchell was named General Billy Mitchell, an American general known as one of the most famous pilots in American airpower history. He was called the Father of the U.S. Air Force.

The B-25 Mitchell took its first flight on August 19, 1940. It is powered by two Wright R-2600-9 Cyclone engines which delivered an amount of 3,400 horsepower. The aircraft's highest speed is 355 mph. The original airplane had difficulties during bombing runs, so the dihedral in the outer wing panels was eliminated on the 10th B-25 version onwards. The B-25J has 4,318 units. It is considered to be the most widely produced version of the Mitchell.

The B-25 saw many modifications during its operating service. The series ran from the B-25A to B-25J, each type seeing variations to increase its firepower. The first 25 were armed with a. 30-caliber Browning in the nose and one at each waist position. For security, the tail of the aircraft sported a .50-caliber Browning. A Plexiglas nose and a turret gunner originated with the B-25B. The B-25G also had a retractable belly turret.

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