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B-247 United

B-247 United
B-247 United
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Now: $131.73
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Scale: 1/48 Mahogany model
Wing Span: 18.5
Length: 12.625
In Stock
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The revolutionary Boeing 247, developed in 1933, was an all-metal, twin engine airplane and the first modern passenger airliner. It had a gyro panel for instrument flying, an autopilot, pneumatically operated de-icing equipment, a variable-pitch propeller and retractable landing gear. It also featured thick upholstered chairs, an insulated cabin, a lavatory and individual overhead lighting.

The phenomenon of the Model 247 caught the attention of America's young airline companies. When its commitment to United prevented Boeing from filling orders fast enough, Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA) turned to Douglas.

Douglas offered to build something similar to the Boeing 247, only faster and larger. TWA quickly accepted the proposal. The Douglas DC-1 which was eventually refined as the legendary DC-3, immediately attracted new customers. Thus, making the 247 obsolete less than a year after its first flight.

Seventy-five 247s were built. Boeing Air Transport flew 60 247s. United Aircraft Corporation flew 10 and the rest went to Deutsche Lufthansa and a private owner in China. The Boeing 247s remained in airline service until World War II, when several were converted into C-73 transports and trainers. Some were still flying along with the Douglas DC-2 that supplanted it, the Model 247 ushered in the age of speed, reliability, safety and comfort in air travel.